Meet the Team

Teri Lewis

Owner B.S., Lead Medical Aesthetician

Mid-town Memphis is where Teri calls her home. She enjoys meditation, music, clean foods, and spending time with her daughter, Aerielle and dog, Francis. She is also a proud supporter of various local charities, including the Cancer Society’s Look Good, Feel Better Foundation and sits on the board of directors at Grace House.

Lauren Scrugham


Lauren is a lifelong Memphian who has had a passion for skincare since she was young. Prior to working for SpectacularSkin, she was a client herself for many years. In her free time, she enjoys running, playing tennis and spending time with her three children and fiance, Brad.  She looks forward to elevating your skincare routine. 

Aerielle Lewis

Office Manager

Aerielle enjoys holistic living and is a certified yoga instructor, nature lover, guitar player and crafter. She likes to hike, make candles, cook, and play with her dog Lionel. Her favorite skin care products are Skin Better Sciences Alto Defense Serum and AlphaRet Overnight Cream. 

Kristy Taylor

L.E., CLHRP- Electrology + Laser

Kristy has been serving the Mid- South area as a Nationally Certified Laser Professional and Licensed Electrologist for 30 years. The love for her profession gives her personal satisfaction and joy knowing she has helped a client look and feel their best. Kristy enjoys cookouts, rosemary beach and Lacrosse with her husband and two children.

Madelyn Scruggs


Madelyn was born and raised in Memphis and graduated from aesthetics school is 2023. Aesthetics has been a dream job for her because she loves making people feel confident in their own skin. She is also a dog lover, coffee enthusiast, and love all things photography, art, and crafty.

SpectacularSkin's Evolution


It all started when Teri was a pre-med student at Christian Brothers University; but soon, her skincare journey would take her to makeup artistry, where she helped burn victims and cancer patients with camouflage solutions.

Battling Cancer

From 2008 to 2010, Teri battled and beat stage III colon cancer.

As a survivor, she made it her mission to donate much of her time, services and funds to help other people look, feel and be their very best. As a result, SpectacularSkin, Inc. was born!


Before long, Teri became certified in advanced paramedical training, specializing in rosacea, peri-menopausal and teen acne, sun damaged and aging skin. 

To her, it’s important that everyone learns to achieve excellent skin health through a natural and holistic approach, rather than to use harsh fillers and lasers.


She has continued to make learning and growing her esthetic salon a top priority.

She has earned certifications in dermal needling, microdermabrasion, neuromodulators and corrective injectable fillers. Teri specializes in derma-planning techniques, coupled with level 1¬4 peels and facials for aging, acne, and rosacea skin types.